Batman vs. Superman
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28-09-06, 18:50

Como esbozo de un ficticio guion... me ha hecho gracia :-)


The screenplay begins with a terrorist attack on a Metropolis park monument and police responding to the attack. Eventually, the lead terrorist gets surrounded by an angry mob and is about to be swarmed (killed) by them, when he is saved by Superman, who flies down and tells them they have no right to serve as the man's executioner.

Superman flies over a river, carrying the terrorist, when the terrorist opens his watch and a puff of green particles comes out. The particles are actually small fragments of kryptonite, which weaken Superman and cause him to fall into the river. When he comes to, Superman finds a mask and realizes that the terrorist was wearing a mask to conceal his real identity. On the back of the mask, the words "This is only the beginning" are written. Superman becomes his alter ego, Clark Kent, in time to be the best man to Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman) at Bruce's wedding at Wayne Manor outside Gotham City. It's been several years since Wayne adopted the Batman persona, and with the Joker dead (as well as the death of his protege, Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Robin) and his vigilante style becoming more like revenge, he has given up on crimefighting and fallen in love with a "perfect" girl named Elizabeth. The wedding goes well, and Bruce and Clark have a moment alone where they talk of their futures. Bruce concedes that his role as Batman was getting too close to becoming a criminal himself. Clark tells of the terrorist incident over the river and the cryptic message on the back of the mask. Clark also says that his marriage to Lois Lane has failed, and that the two are separated, and getting a divorce.

Bruce heads to a tropical honeymoon destination with Elizabeth. On the honeymoon, Bruce notices a few odd things that Elizabeth does, but quickly forgets them as he's completely smitten with her. One night on their honeymoon, Bruce is shaving in the bathroom while talking to Elizabeth. After some banter, Elizabeth doesn't respond, then responds by laughing maniacally - an inhuman guffaw. Bruce sees his worst fears are true as Elizabeth is dead, having been poisoned by a dart that the Joker was fond of using. While Bruce is crying over her dead body, he sees the words "This is only the beginning" written on the wall. At the funeral, Bruce is both sad and angry - angry not only at the killer who's impersonating the Joker, but angry at Superman for not letting the angry mob kill the killer, who has now taken the life of his true love. Superman says he will help Bruce find the killer, but not let Bruce execute the killer. Bruce is furious at this, saying Superman is an "alien freak" who doesn't understand human feelings and can't possibly be the ultimate judge of who lives and who dies. Bruce tells Superman to leave now and never get in his way.

Bruce reenters the bat cave and gets to work on his revenge. He has a holographic version of Alfred assist him in his duties. (This is because Alfred Pennyworth has since passed away.) Meanwhile, Superman flies to Smallville to clear his head and return to a place where things are more "normal." There, he runs into an old flame -- Lana Lang, who is extremely happy to see him. Throughout the whole second act of the script, Clark stays in Smallville and enjoys Lana's company. Bruce, meanwhile, has become Batman and started to take on the criminal underworld again, this time with a more violent fighting style. His search leads him to Toyman, a seedy machinist who constructs bombs and other "toys" for criminals. By torturing Toyman, Batman learns that no one is impersonating the Joker, but rather the Joker himself has returned. Thinking this impossible (because the Joker is dead), Batman goes to the Joker's grave and finds the coffin empty, with only a grotesque Jack-in-the-box there. Batman's search leads him to the city, where he gets into a streetfight with two chemically-enhanced warriors (called Jeeves 1 and Jeeves 2), before the grand appearance of the Joker himself. A chase/fight ensues, as Batman does his best to capture the Joker, but his best effort is unsuccessful.

At his home, we see the Joker ranting megalomaniacally and then killing his two Jeeves servants for insubordination (before creating two more "Jeeves" servants by injecting them with radical chemicals). Batman is now even more set on his quest for bloodthirsty vengeance, and not even Superman, who has finally returned, is going to get in his way. Superman goes to prison to visit Lex Luthor, thinking Luthor is in some way involved with the Joker's reappearance and plans. Luthors claims innocence. The conversation then turns to kryptonite, and Luthor says he was once involved in a government program to develop a gigantic kryptonite bomb that could be detonated in space - showering the whole planet with particles. The plan was designed as a last resort should Superman ever go haywire. Superman finds this difficult to believe. Meanwhile, Bruce is listening in on the conversation and realizes that kryptonite is still available to him, and he must have it to defeat Superman and then kill the Joker.

Batman goes to a government base and steals the kryptonite. Luthor escapes from the prison after admitting to his lawyer that he is indeed behind the whole Batman vs. Superman debacle and brought the Joker back to life with some DNA and a whole lot of money. (He then kills his lawyer and some guards to escape.) Batman appears at midnight at the Metropolis monument where the script began. Superman is there and the showdown begins. Batman shows that he has found kryptonite, then diluted it and forged into into his battle armor - meaning Superman will become "just a man" if he comes close enough. The two battle for quite a while, as Superman tries to keep his distance while Batman tries to stay on top of his opponent and pummel him while weak. The battle leads them away from the park into Gotham, where Superman blows his cold breath and freezes Batman's armor. The armor breaks and Batman's kryptonite weapon/shield is no more. Superman then goes up to the stratosphere to soak in the sun, before charging down to confront Batman again. Batman pulls out his last option - a kryptonite arrow, then shoots a flying Superman with the arrow. Superman is unable to pull the arrow out and seems doomed. Batman leaves him there to die and goes back to the park to start his fight with the Joker. Superman, doesn't die, though, but slowly travels back to the monument to help Batman, who he fears will be killed.

At the monument, Batman meets the Joker face-to-face on the roof. The Joker reveals his story twist: When he was "recreated," he now saw that Batman was no more. To force Wayne into reprising his Batman persona, he needed to do something terrible - e.g., kill someone Bruce loved more than life. But the problem was: Bruce was a loner, and had no one that close to him (especially since Alfred had died). So the Joker paid a beautiful henchwoman named Elizabeth to fall in love with Bruce. Since the Joker knew Bruce better than anyone, he knew exactly the kind of woman she'd have to be to acquire Bruce's unconditional love. Standing on the roof, uncertain of what to think, Batman then has some flashbacks to the odd things that happened on the honeymoon, including an instance of a waiter that seemed to have green hair. Realizing that the love he lost never actually was, he is devestated and crumbles to the ground, ready to die. But just then, Superman staggers on to the roof. Realizing his grave mistake in blaming Superman, Batman comes to and battles the Joker. A weakened Superman then has to scuffle with Jeeves 3 and 4. The battle rages on. Superman finally outsmarts the two Jeeveses, then sees Batman finally overtake the Joker and start to crush his windpipe. Thanks to some pleading from Superman, Batman is unable to finish the task and kill the Joker. The Joker doesn't last long, though, as Luthor suddenly appears and pushes the Joker off the roof to his death.

Luthor reveals that everything was his plan. Then Luthor, wearing a government exo-suit (first seen when Batman stole the kryptonite), speeds up drastically and starts to pummel the two superheroes. It's a one-sided battle, and finally, Superman is at the edge of the roof about to die, when Batman grabs Lex and the pair fall off the edge. During the fall, Superman flies down and grabs Bruce, saving him, while Lex plummets to his doom.

Aqui hablan del origen del guion:


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16-07-16, 00:25

Acabo de ver la peli y me esperaba algo peor, la verdad, ni tan mal. Y Ben Affleck de Batman no me ha hecho llorar Smile

Wonder Woman es un sí Wub

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18-07-16, 13:48

yo esta semana me la veo

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19-07-16, 02:21

En serio, no hay por dónde coño cogerla. La vi en el cine y me pareció un despropósito. Ahora he visto la Ultimate Edition porque leí que el montaje mejoraba y muchas de las escenas inconexas de la versión cine tenían sentido. Y en cierto modo es cierto, pero se hace eterna y el tramo final sigue siendo muy ridículo.

Ziggy played guitar...

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19-07-16, 13:20

Pero este post mío es de HACE DIEZ AÑOS. Joder es que ni me acuerdo de haberlo puesto jajajaja


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